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About Us

We take great pride in helping you reach and maintain your health goals , master martial arts and provide you world class combat training. Our training helps improve general health – reduce obesity , blood pressure , stress , also greatly reduce the risk of heart diseases , diabetes etc.

Muay thai and Capoeira Sports Club was founded in 2007 . We hope to and are working hard towards bringing a change in -the United Arab Emirates Martial Arts Scene and its wonderful people . Most importantly spread our love for everything martial arts and healthy living. We hope to help the new generation learn the ways of martial arts , promote respect , lifelong learning , discipline , love for other cultures, history and promote good relations between people.

What you’ll get from us is world class martial arts coaching and instruction. If you’re looking to lose weight, learn one of the many martial arts we teach or simply stay in shape, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have , do and always hope to create champions out of all our members, not in martial arts alone but in everything they do .

So come on down and request a free class . We’d be happy to oblige you. You can contact us using the contact page or by calling

mobile: 050-901 7528
landline: 02 – 6769658

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